Share a Recorded Webinar

Do you have a recorded webinar that you believe would be beneficial to other users of CMAllianceU? You can offer to share the recorded webinar here.

When suggesting a webinar, please keep in mind the following guidelines which we consider when reviewing and approving a recording.

Who is the source/company?

When reviewing a webinar, we will look at the speakers and the organization behind it.

What is being promoted?

Is what the webinar suggests in line with our Core Values, Christian beliefs, and Statement of Faith?

Who is the target audience?

Does the target audience match our Alliance family of users?

Who owns the webinar, along with its content?

Is the webinar of you, or of someone you know who has given expressed permission for sharing this content?

Administrative, ethical and moral considerations

CMAllianceU reserves the right to refuse any webinar based on administrative or space availability, including those that do not align with the ethics and morals of The Alliance.