External & Alliance Family Courses

External & Alliance Family Courses

Some MSP course requirements are fulfilled by taking seminars through other organizations, and are called External courses. Partnering with these organizations allows you to receive credit for high-quality, focused training currently available only through them.

To meet the requirements for these External courses, you follow the organization's instructions for registration and payment for their seminar. Upon finishing their course or seminar, you simply forward a signed confirmation that you have completed the External course, to the Registrar's office (registrar@cmallianceu.org) in order to receive credit for the course.

Alliance Family courses are offered jointly to MSP students and to others pursuing licensing and/or ordination/consecration in the Alliance. Your fellow students may include pastors, international workers, and ministry candidates, providing important perspectives and insights.

The following are External and Alliance Family courses in the MSP program.

External Courses:

Alliance Family Courses:

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