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How Do I Login?

Follow this illustrated guide for help in logging into CMAllianceU.

How do I change my password?

Follow this illustrated guide to learn how to change your username or password.

HELP! This is my first online course.

Welcome to online learning! We have some useful tools and resources for you over here

Why can’t I access my course?

If your course begins on a specific date, you may not be able to access the course until that start date; until then, the link on your dashboard will not be active.

If you can no longer access your course, your course's time limit may have expired. You need to request an extension before the ending date of your course.

If you are in a program, you may have failed to meet the time limit or other requirements of the program. Check the policies for your program to determine if you are eligible to reactivate.

My question isn’t listed- now what?

Let us know of any questions you have by contacting us.