FAQs Program

Where do I apply for a program?

To apply for a program, go to the information page for a program by clicking on Programs in the top menu, and then clicking on the program you wish to apply for. This will take you to the Program information page. Click the button that says Apply Here to begin the application process.

What is the status of my application?

You can check the status of your program application by going to your dashboard (clicking on your name in the left-hand corner and then clicking on Dashboard).

Why is there an application fee?

Application fees help cover the administrative tasks that need to happen in order for applications to be processed. 

What resources are needed for this program?

The required resources vary, based on the program. Use our handy textbook finder to find out which resources are needed for the program you are interested in.

HELP! This is my first online course.

It’s okay! Take a deep breath. We have an illustrated tutorial for you that will show you how to navigate the site.

My question isn’t listed- now what?

Let us know of any questions you have by contacting us