Donate to a Ministry/Student Training Grant

Searching for a way to invest effectively in the Kingdom? Looking to assist in the ministry development of a potential or emerging leader? Donating to a grant or scholarship fund established by your local church or district can make a significant impact on a church leader’s current and future ministry.

First, check with your local church and District office to see what grant or scholarship programs have already been established for the Ministerial Study Program (MSP), Children’s Disciplemaking Leadership Certificate (CDLC), and other programs/courses on this site. In some cases, you may want to request that the church or district consider creating a fund to assist a group of leaders in their ministry training.

Then, as you pray, consider where God is leading you to invest. Your contribution can make the difference in the life of a leader, and impact the whole Alliance family.

Ready to make a donation? Just click on the the Donate to Student Grant button to begin.