MSP 203: Alliance Values & Beliefs

Alliance Values & Beliefs

This online course consists of two modules: Alliance Family Values and Christ-centered Theology. The first of these acquaints the student with the values that are at the heart of The Alliance, challenging them to consider how each of those values reflects in their life and ministry. The second module explores the history, meaning, and biblical basis of the Fourfold Gospel.

Students fulfill the requirements for this course by enrolling in and completing Part 1 of the Alliance Polity Course. (Student take Part 2 of Alliance Polity in MSP204). 

Note that the pricing and course structure of the Alliance Polity course (Part 1 and Part 2) are different than most other MSP courses. Clicking the Enroll in Alliance Polity button will take you to the information page for the course.


The learner will be able to:

  • Recall the Family Values of The Alliance
  • Understand the relationship of the values to their life and ministry
  • Outline and explain what the Bible teaches about the Fourfold Gospel
  • Apply the truths of the Fourfold Gospel to their ministry


  • A CMAllianceU account
  • Access to a computer or mobile computing device with internet access
  • Payment for enrollment through our online enrollment system