MSP 201: Ministry Leadership 1: The Life and Leadership of the Pastor

Ministry Leadership 1: The Life and Leadership of the Pastor

Pastoral ministry is both ancient and unique. It is ancient in that we can see examples of pastoral leadership and theology throughout the Old and New Testament. It is unique in that the church itself is a mystery revealed to us by Christ. This course introduces students to basic pastoral theology. It also exposes students to the day-to-day reality of pastoral ministry and how students can prepare to step into ministry leadership well.

Student Learning Objectives:

Understand the basic components of pastoral theology.

Comprehend the various models, both ancient and modern, for pastoral ministry.

Demonstrate how to implement soul care in the life of the pastor.

Analyze the central role the pastor plays in the life of the church.

Evaluate the role of the pastor at weddings, funerals, and in the sacraments.

Required Texts

The following texts are used for this course:

  • Akin, Daniel L., and R. Scott Pace (2017). Pastoral Theology: Theological Foundations for Who a Pastor Is and What He Does. B & H Academic. ISBN: 1433685787
  • Croft, Brian, and Jim Savastio (2018). The Pastor's Soul: The Call and Care of an Undershepherd. Evangelical Press. ISBN: 1783972386
  • Grudem, W. (1994). Systematic Theology. Grand Rapids, MI; Zondervan. ISBN: 9780310286707

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