MSP 104: Old Testament Survey

The Church: Living in Community

Did you know that when Jesus talked about the church, He called it his bride? What does it mean to be part of Christ’s church? The Church is a course that is designed to uncover the truth that we are all made for community and are dependent upon one another. Through an investigation of Scripture, students will discover that the members of the church are gifted, empowered and that together they can change the world. This class introduces students to the topics of ecclesiology, pneumatology, and spiritual gifts. 

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic components of ecclesiology.
  • Comprehend the implications of the historical Christian creeds on the church today.
  • Demonstrate the practical use of one’s Spiritual Gifts in light of their personality traits.
  • Analyze the central role of elders, deacons, and ministry leaders in the local church.
  • Evaluate the essential functions of the local church.

Required Texts

The following texts are used for this course:

  • Anyabwile, T.M. (2012). Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons. Wheaton, IL; Crossway. ISBN:9781433529924
  • Carbonell, M. (2006). Personalizing My Faith Membership & Ministry: Combining 23 Spiritual Gifts with 4 (DISC) Personality Types. Website:
  • Cole, K. (2019). Developing Female Leaders: Navigate the Minefields and Release the Potential of Women in Your Church. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. ISBN: 9781400210923
  • Grudem, W. (1994). Systematic Theology. Grand Rapids, MI; Zondervan. ISBN: 9780310286707

MSP 104 in Chinese

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