MSP 302 : Communicating Biblical Truth 2: Teaching the Word

Communicating Biblical Truth 2: Teaching and Counseling

This course focuses on developing skills relevant for teaching and counseling. Student will learn how to effectively engage various age groups in a classroom/small group setting. They will also learn how to develop effective lesson plans. Additionally, students will grow in their understanding of how to apply the counsel of Scripture in pastoral counseling settings and situations.

Student Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate an understanding of the scope of the Biblical mandate to make disciples.

1. Demonstrate the use of creative techniques of communication such as written exercises, drama, storytelling, art activities, lecture, discussion, case studies, and music activities in class participation and presentations. 

2. Comprehend basic elements in learning theory. 

3. Understand the importance of communication theory.

4. Evaluate various venues for teaching the Bible in a local church context. 

5. Identify biblical principles related to counseling and seek to apply these principles in a local church context. 

6. Evaluate various methods of pastoral counseling for their effectiveness and use within the local church.

Required Texts

The following texts are used for this course:

  • MacDonald, J. (Ed.) (2013). Christ-centered Biblical Counseling. Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR. ISBN: 9780736951456
  • Richards, Larry & Bredfeldt, Gary. (1998). Creative Bible Teaching. Chicago, IL: Moody. ISBN: 0802416446
  • The Tangible Kingdom. Jossey-Bass: San Fransisco, CA. ISBN: 978047018897