MSP 303 : Building the Church: Evangelism and Leadership Development

Building Blocks of the Local Church

For the Kingdom to advance, leaders must be developed. This course is a study of the principles necessary to recruit, equip, maintain, and motivate people in spiritual leadership in organizations and churches in a team setting. Included in the content will be biblical models of leadership development, recruiting, various equipping venues for leadership development and a focus on team building in your church.

Student Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate an understanding of the scope of the Biblical mandate to make disciples.

Articulate a coherent philosophy that will undergird his/her efforts to effectively evangelize and fully disciple men and women in the context of a 21st century post Christian society

Identify and communicate the core elements of the Gospel message.

Identify and contextualize the key Biblical principles governing evangelism and discipleship

Evaluate various strategies for the development of leaders within the local church.

Develop a balanced lifestyle that will effectively model evangelism and discipleship for the individuals we are called to lead.

Required Texts

The following texts are used for this course:

  • Coleman, R. (1993). The Master Plan of Evangelism. Revell Publishing: Grand Rapids, MI. ISBN: 9780800788087 Green, M. (2004).
  • Evangelism in the Early Church (Rev). William B. Eredsman Publishing: Grand Rapids, MI. ISBN: 9780802827685 Halter, H. & Smay, M. (2008).
  • The Tangible Kingdom. Jossey-Bass: San Fransisco, CA. ISBN: 978047018897