MSP 303 : Raising Leaders for the Harvest

Raising Leaders for the Harvest

A study of the biblical plan and process of raising up leaders for Great Commission ministry in the local church. The plan includes making and multiplying disciples; mentoring; and multiplying leaders through the process of sowing, growing, cultivating, and harvesting.


The learner will be able to:

  • Release ordinary people to make and multiple disciples.
  • Identify emerging leadership in their church.
  • Empower people through mentoring relationships.
  • Cultivate character and skills in emerging leaders.
  • Accelerate leadership production and mobilization.
  • Generate momentum for a church-multiplication movement.


  • Acceptance into the Ministerial Study Program
  • A ministry coach appointed by the District Superintendent
  • Access to a computer or mobile computing device with internet access
  • Payment for the course through our online enrollment system