Why Continue Ministry Education?

People often think of continuing to learn as a way to make more money, get a better job or title, or restart their career. However, continuing your ministry training has some different and unique benefits, and here is our list of the top five:

1. Changed perspectives. Continuing your ministry learning helps you think more reflectively, more theologically, and more missionally.

2. New ministry connections. When you study with CMAllianceU, you interact with teachers, coaches and other students who have connections in your area of ministry. By interacting and building relationships, you can use your learning as a networking opportunity.

3. Research. Most courses on CMAllianceU will allow you the opportunity to do research, which contributes to the Church’s understanding of ministry, and helps establish you as knowledgeable in ministry.

4. New skill sets. Advanced training leads to stronger skills, which leads to more effective ministry.

5. Learning is fun! You should continue study because you enjoy learning, you enjoy the subject, and you enjoy challenging yourself.