Evaluator Resources

Evaluators are an integral to the CMAllianceU programs. Evaluators have been described as Someone has said that an evaluator is “a brain to pick, a shoulder to cry on and, when needed, will give a kick in the seat of the pants.” 

  • A brain to pick: You should be a resource person for the student, not only to clarify those points of truth in the curriculum that need clarification, but you are also an adviser as he/she moves out into ministry and “tries his wings.” The student will learn not only from what you say, but from the way you think and reflect. 

  • A shoulder to cry on: There are times of discouragement, both personal and ministerial, in which the student needs a “sympathetic” ear. Don’t be afraid to become transparent before the student, expressing your anxieties and times of discouragement, both past and present, in the ministry. 

  • A kick in the seat of the pants: Sometimes the student needs a word of exhortation to continue in the ministry or in his studies. Your job is to encourage and prod him/her to “keep on keeping on.” 

  • You are also a model to see: We usually talk in principles, but learn from models. Students need to see ministry skills and perspectives “incarnated” in order to learn. Once they have learned a particular way of doing something, they can then go on to develop their own style and approach. Sometimes it can be vicarious (talking about your approaches and experiences), and other times is live (when they see how you actually perform, and discuss it with you).

Take a look at the resources below to assist you in this process! If you are an evaluator, make sure you're logged in to see resources that apply to you.