Registration Policy

Registering on our Site

To create an account and register on CMAllianceU, we ask you to provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your current email address

During this process, you will also be asked to create a CMAllianceU ID and a secure password.

    • Access to all free courses offered on CMAllianceU
    • Recorded videos, including the President's Video Blog
    • Access to schedules and registration for upcoming webinars
    • You may choose to have us delete your account on However, if you have taken courses with us, those course records are retained in our database. . To request to have your account deleted, send an email with the subject line “Delete my Account” to

Applying to a Program

When applying for admission to a program on CMAllianceU (programs usually involve multiple courses), you may be asked for additional personal information. This information will vary based upon the program, but it may include educational background, spiritual background, church and pastor information, along with other types of information.

    • Access to all program material
    • Many programs include a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 and a mailbox for the length of the program
    • To withdraw from a program, complete the Withdrawal Form. This will be sent to your program administrator, who will assist you. Please note that withdrawing from some programs may involve contact with and/or requesting permission from your District Superintendent or program Dean (see the withdrawal policies for your program for more information).

Enrolling in a Course

When enrolling in an individual course, you may be asked for additional personal information. This information will vary based on the course, but it may ask questions about your educational background, church background, pastor information, etc.

    • Free courses are open to all interested CMAllianceU registered users.This can include courses of general interest, or courses focused toward a more specific ministry audience.
    • Paid courses require a fee, and may have additional requirements for enrollment, such as vocational position or ministry leadership level.
    • To withdraw from a course, fill out the Withdrawal Form. This will be sent to your course administrator, who will be able to assist you. Please note that submitting the Withdrawal Form does not guarantee a full or partial refund.

Course Registration

Registration for regularly-scheduled courses usually opens 1-to-2 months prior to the course start date, and remains open until the maximum number of available registrations (“seats”) is reached. Registration for a Certificate (non-Program) course may remain open for up to two weeks after the starting date of the section, at the discretion of the CMAllianceU Dean.