Student Grants

Are you interested in furthering your education with The Christian and Missionary Alliance, but you also are concerned about personal finances? A Grant is a great place to start. Find out more information below.

What is a Grant?

How Do I Apply for a Grant?

Your church or District may already have a form and procedures to follow in applying for a ministry training grant—check with them first. Otherwise, you can use our grant application form available online to verify and apply for a grant. When you submit the grant application, we’ll forward it on the partner you’ve selected.

Where Do I Apply for a Grant?

Some partners, like our national Multicultural Ministries, provide regular assistance to emerging church leaders. Others, like your own local church, may be willing to establish a training scholarship to help fund the leadership development of leaders like yourself. Some Districts have a training fund from which they may be willing to provide a grant. Generally, organizations with which you have already established a relationship are most likely to invest in your ministry development.

What Happens When I Apply?

Once you apply for a grant, your request will be forwarded to the partner you selected. Your partner will review your application and notify you of the decision to either approve or deny your grant request. If your grant is approved, additional information including next steps will be sent to you.

What Should I Include in My Grant Request?

Beyond telling the organization about yourself, you’ll want to share your purpose in taking the training, and what you hope to learn from it. Remember that your training objective needs to match the goals of that partner, and that most partners require you to invest with them in the adventure. Avoid begging or trying to construct a “sad story”—just share your purpose in asking. And whether or not they choose to invest, remember to thank them for their time and for considering you.