Child Safety Course

The Child Safety Course is designed to build your understanding of how you can contribute to protecting our children. It provides you with child safety insights and instruction and best practices to use when working with children. You will learn practical ways to prevent child abuse in cross-cultural ministry settings and what to do when you suspect abuse may have occurred.

Who is this for?


  • Better understand the degree to which God values children and grasp the critical urgency of keeping children safe and secure.
  • Learn practical ways to prevent child abuse while living and working overseas
  • Recognize that the C&MA is uncompromising in its call to protect the children entrusted to our care; we do not tolerate child abuse; and we are committed to prevent it to the best of our ability.
  • How to report abuse when observed.


  • This course is a private, closed course. Enrollment is by invitation only from International Ministries.
  • A CMAllianceU account
  • Access to a computer or mobile computing device with internet access
  • A printer is helpful for some sections, but not required

Time Commitment

This is a three-week course. Students must turn in any final assignments by the end of Week 3.

Why is this Course Private?

This course is provided through International Ministries, and is currently only available for invited International Workers.

Course Coming Soon from CMAllianceU on Vimeo.