Going Digital

This free course is designed to help pastors and church leaders discover simple and effective tools to help the church stay connected through simple digital and online tools

Going Digital

What is "Going Digital?"

Why - "Going Digital?"

Meeting together physically during this season is not an option for many. We want you to know that other options exist to help you connect with and shepherd your congregation. This course provides access to free and simple to use resources designed to help you bring your message and your ministry online.

How -"Do I Register and Enroll?"

Registration is free and easy. Watch the short instructional video on the right. In just a few simple steps go through your enrollment form. And you will have access to an online course that will provide helpful, easy-to-use how-to videos covering a wide variety of topics.

What are some topics covered in this course?

  • The difference between communicating to a live audience and communicating digitally.
  • How to use Facebook-live to host your church service.
  • How to record and save your message as a movie file
  • How to use Vimeo or YouTube to host your sermon.
  • How to disciple your congregation online throughout the week.