The Mission of God and the Alliance Family

The Mission of God and the Alliance Family

Throughout history, God has had one all-encompassing mission. This mission has driven all He has done from Creation to the Cross and beyond. This course helps students to discover and immerse themselves in the single task God has given to those who follow Jesus Christ. Further,  the course exposes students to the particular strategies employed by the C&MA to accomplish the mission of Christ across the globe.

 **Please note that this course can only be taken in a cohort format. Each offering is six-weeks in length. See below for specific dates of upcoming cohorts.** 

Student Learning Objectives:

Understand the essential components of biblical missiology.

Understand the purpose of the multi-specialized nature and long-term values of Alliance missions, relative to theology and strategy.

Create opportunities for gospel access for unreached people in partnership with the Global Church

Demonstrate the implementation of the various pathways of engagement which create the opportunity to involve Alliance churches in Alliance Missions

Analyze the wisdom of cross-cultural contextualization.

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Who is this for?


  • Specific focus on historical and current C&MA mission strategies
  • Developed by an experienced missionary/educator
  • Evaluators are veteran missionaries and denominational leaders
  • Fulfills the ordination/consecration
    Missions Awareness requirements

Required Texts

  • Moreau, A.S., Corwin, G.R., & McGee, G.B. (2015). Introducing World Missions (2nd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI; Baker Academic. ISBN: 978081049200
  • Noble, R. (2019). On Mission Together: Integrating Missions into the Local Church. Beaver Falls, PA; Falls City Press. ISBN: 9780986405136
  • Hanna, G. (2018). Building Missionaries: Fostering Souls for Success on the Field. Pittsburgh, PA; Urban Press. ISBN: 9781633600966

Tuition Cost

Cost of the online course is $210, payable through our online enrollment system.

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