The Mission of God and the Alliance Family

Throughout history, God has had one all-encompassing mission. This mission has driven all He has done from creation to the cross and beyond. This six-week course helps students discover and immerse themselves in the single task God gives to those who follow Jesus Christ. Further, this course exposes students to the particular strategies used by the C&MA in accomplishing the mission of God.

Experienced Alliance missionaries and educators designed this course. It also satisfies ordination/consecration requirements for those seeking accreditation within the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

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Who is this for?


  • Specific focus on historical and current C&MA mission strategies
  • Developed by an experienced missionary/educator
  • Evaluators are veteran missionaries and denominational leaders
  • Fulfills the ordination/consecration
    Missions Awareness requirements

Required Resources

  • Moreau A.S., Corwin G.R., et al. (2015). Introducing World Missions Either/Or (See syllabus) Noble, R. (2019).
  • On Mission with God Hanna, G (2018). Building MissionariesAll other resources provided in the course.

Tuition Cost

Cost of the online course is $125, payable through our online enrollment system.

Course Coming Soon from CMAllianceU on Vimeo.