Alliance Polity Course

All candidates for licensed ministry in the C&MA are required to complete an approved course in Alliance polity and distinctives (Uniform Policy on Licensing and Certification, Section E3 of the C&MA Manual). The online Alliance Polity course helps you meet that requirement.

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Who is this for?

You'll need the Alliance Polity course if you are:

  • A candidate for licensing and you did not graduate from an Alliance institution
  • An Alliance college/seminary graduate who did not take a course in Alliance Polity
  • A student enrolled in the self-paced Ministerial Study Program
  • A worker transferring into the Alliance from another denomination/association
  • A prospective International Ministries candidate


The Alliance Polity course
  • Familiarizes students with the significance and history of The Alliance
  • Enables students to provide competent pastoral leadership and care to a local Alliance congregation
  • Imparts the Alliance vision and core values
  • Gives students the tools necessary to lead their church to participate locally, regionally, and internationally in The Alliance’s global mission


The Polity course is a six-week course of study. A qualified Alliance evaluator leads each cohort and interacts with students and grades their work throughout their time in the course.


The total cost of this course of study is 210.00 plus the cost of course books.


Alliance Polity has six units of study, each lasting a week long.

  • Unit 1: The Four-Fold Gospel Part 1
  • Unit 2: The Four-Fold Gospel Part 2
  • Unit 3: A Great Commission
  • Unit 4: A Global Movement
  • Unit 5: A Growing Family
  • Unit 6: A Vision for Today and the Future

Live Events

While Alliance Polity is required for all official workers in the Alliance, taking it for academic credit may or may not be necessary. Some Alliance Districts offer a not-for-credit version of Alliance Polity at the district level. Check with your District concerning any local offerings of Alliance Polity that might be available.

Not sure if you need to take Alliance Polity for credit? Most Licensed workers in the Alliance must have a minimum of 30 academic credits of Bible, theology, or ministry at the collegiate level. If you already meet this standard, you may choose to take Alliance Polity for credit (offered at the National level) or not-for-credit (provided at the District level). If you do not meet this standard, you may choose to take Alliance Polity for credit to help meet the requirement.

Alliance Polity Course from CMAllianceU on Vimeo.