Alliance Polity Course

All candidates for licensed ministry in the C&MA are required to successfully complete an approved course in Alliance polity and distinctives (Uniform Policy on Licensing and Certification, Section E3 of the C&MA Manual). The online Alliance Polity course helps you meet that requirement.

Note that you need to complete Part 1 of the Alliance Polity course before beginning Part 2.

MSP Students: For MSP 203, enroll in an upcoming section of Part 1 of the Alliance Polity Course. For MSP 204, enroll in the next section of Part 2 that starts after your Part 1 ends. Read through the information on this page for details on the pricing and course structure of the Alliance Polity course.

Click here for an illustrated guide to enrolling in the Alliance Polity course.

Schedule: Upcoming Cohorts

Who is this for?

You'll need the Alliance Polity course if you are:

  • A candidate for licensing and you did not graduate from an Alliance institution
  • An Alliance college/seminary graduate who did not take a course in Alliance Polity
  • A student enrolled in the Ministerial Study Program
  • A worker transferring into the Alliance from another denomination/association
  • A prospective International Ministries candidate


The Alliance Polity course
  • Familiarizes students with the significance and history of The Alliance
  • Enables students to provide competent pastoral leadership and care to a local Alliance congregation
  • Imparts the Alliance vision and core values
  • Gives students the tools necessary to lead their church to participate locally, regionally, and internationally in The Alliance’s global mission


The Polity course is divided into two ten-week cohorts. Each cohort is offered on a regular schedule and lasts ten weeks, for a total of 20 weeks of study in the full course. Each cohort has an evaluator who grades the work and interacts with the forum discussion posts .


To best suit students' schedules, the two cohorts are registered and paid for separately. The registration fee for each of the two cohorts is $125, for a total of $250 for the entire course. All resources and materials are included online, so purchasing additional textbooks is unnecessary.


Alliance Polity has four parts or modules. Students take modules one and two in the first cohort, and modules three and four in the second.

1st cohort

  • Module 1: Alliance Family Values
  • Module 2: Christ-Centered Theology

2nd cohort

  • Module 3: Christ-Centered Acts 1:8 Movement
  • Module 4: Alliance-Family Structures

Live Events

Some Districts offer one or more of the Alliance Polity modules through an onsite, face-to-face workshop event. Check with your district concerning their upcoming schedule of live events.

Alliance Polity Course from CMAllianceU on Vimeo.