Bible Knowledge Exam

The Bible Knowledge Exam (BKE) is an assessment of your biblical awareness and understanding. It verifies your mastery of scripture and understanding of key people, places, and events in the Bible

Who is this for?

How it works

The Bible Knowledge Exam is:

  • timed - you have 25 minutes to complete the 50 questions
  • closed-book – you cannot use your Bible or other materials as a reference
  • graded - ministry candidates need to achieve 80% correct prior to their approval for licensed ministry in the C&MA
  • repeatable – you have up to three attempts to pass the exam
  • free - no fees associated with this assessment


  • A CMAllianceU account
  • Access to a computer or mobile computing device with internet access

Question Types

All questions are multiple choice, and are drawn from these categories:

  • Old Testament:
  • New Testament:
  • Redemptive History:
  • Discipleship/Christian Living:
  • Evangelism/Missions:
  • Salvation/Doctrine:

NOTE: You will need to create a unique UserID and Password on the exam site in order to take the Bible Knowledge Exam.