Request to be a Coach

Do you wish to be a part of CMAllianceU? Did you have an coach who made an impact on your life, your education, or your ministry, and wish to do the same for other students? Click on Request to be a Coach to request to be a coach for a specific program or course hosted on CMAllianceU.

Coaches play an important role in our world. Coaching is a well-recognizedmethod of training. Years ago, young people were apprenticed to a master craftsman to learn atrade or skill. By working day by day with the master, they learned the skills (tricks) of the trade.The Apostle Paul used this same approach to train Timothy, Titus, Aquila and Priscilla, and manyothers who became leaders in the church. A coach has the privilege of modeling the Christian life and ministry.

In this application form, we will ask for some information about your background, education, training, and ministry.Please fill out this information as completely as possible, as it will allow us to know more about you!

Coaching Responsibilities

Coaching Values

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