How to Write an Excellent Forum Post

How to write an excellent forum post

It is quite unlikely that you will find a course hosted on CMAllianceU that does not include a forum discussion question. Learn how to write an excellent forum post by reading the following information.

Download a PowerPoint containing this information written by Dr.Gary Wozniak.

Purpose, Preparation, & Procedure

Ponder Your Point

  • Think and PONDER exactly what you want to say to your professor/course evaluator and classmates that will answer the question.
  • Stay focused on the question and your answer, and make sure your post is relevant.
  • If you don’t understand the question, email your professor/course evaluator and ask for clarification.

Plagiarism- NOT

Cite your references -- do NOT PLAGIARIZE!

  • Yes, even in a discussion forum it is important to cite sources.
  • The reference does not have to be according to these rules or those rules (unless specified otherwise by your evaluator), but rather, just the title, author and date.
  • Citing references helps others see where you are coming from, and it is good practice for those big papers!

Pen and Pencil

Write out your response with a PEN OR PENCIL! Not really, I couldn’t think of a word that began with a “P” for this one!

  • Type out your response into the forum, and make use of the spell checker and other programs that may be available in the forum.
  • Type out your response in a word processing software like Word, and then either post the document with a link, or cut and paste it into the forum. Personally, I like cut and paste.

    Note: Keep in mind that as in the case of most education institutions, you will be automatically logged out for security reasons after a certain period of inactivity. This means that if you spend half an hour on the same page writing your response and then go to submit it, it might take you back to the login page, losing your work. Avoid this situation by writing your response in Word and then copying and pasting.

Post Properly and Politely

If the forum calls for response(s) to other student’s POSTS…

  • an A+ answer will be more than, “atta boy, good post!”
  • Think about how you would respond to a classmate in a live classroom.
  • Ask a question or clarification, if you agree or disagree, and why?

Be PROPER when you agree.

  • Don’t start talking smack by saying, “yeah, we are right, those others are out to lunch.”

Be POLITE when you disagree, and explain why.


If the course is synchronous (fancy word for everybody’s working on the same stuff for that day or week), then be on time with your posts.

If the course is asynchronous (fancy word for everybody’s working at their own pace), then try to stay in step with the unit.

Try not to jump around from unit to unit by completing all of the forums first, or all the writing assignments, and then going back to finish one or the other.