How to Conduct an Interview

How to Conduct an Interview

In your course of studies, you may be asked to conduct an interview. If you are not sure how to do that, here are some tips and guidelines below.



  • Get approval from your subject(s) before sending any interview questions.
  • If sending an email, the approval email should include your contact information, explaining a bit about who you are and why you are conducting this interview.
  • Your approval request should include why you think they (your subject) are a good source of information on the topic you are studying.
  • Do not proceed without approval from your subject and save a copy of the approval email (if applicable).


  • Ask questions that are clear and concise and on subject.
  • Ask questions that are open-ended.
  • Ask questions that are yes and no only if you follow the question with a “why” or “why not”.
  • Ask only the number of questions that the assignment requires (if applicable).


  • If conducting an email interview, acknowledge the interviewee’s response by sending an email stating that you received their answers and express thankfulness for their taking the time to help you with your training.
  • If conducting an in-person interview, be sure to thank the interviewee for the time and responses.
  • If these answers are going to be used for a publication or visible to the public, then you will need to get the interviewee’s permission. For the purposes of the MSP the information is private and will remain confidential between you, them, and the course evaluator.


  • Answers will need to edited for spelling and grammar.
  • Answers should not be edited to quote or change the context of any responses or answers.