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Enter the New Year with Confidence

          As the new year begins, and possibly a brand-new semester, cohort, or entirely new educational journey gets underway, there may be a superfluity of emotions that flow from within. Voices that discourage you from pressing on for the prize for which you know you have been called, voices from your past that remind you that you are unskilled, uneducated, and too weak to take on the task of going back to school. They remind you that you are too old and too

The Wrong One for the Job?

The Wrong One for the Job?

Written by John Stumbo or the C&MA National Office Chapel December 2018

If you did not know who he truly was, you would not think that he was the right person for the job.

The world’s second major war in just a few decades was in full heat. Hitler’s Nazi troops were marching across Europe, raising their flag everywhere their boots landed.

Inside the German governmen



Protestant Reformation: 500 Years


Multiple voices are calling believers to “rethink” the church and the gospel for the present day. The goal, they say, is to make the Christian faith relevant, and after 500 years, the doctrinal issues raised by the Protestant Reformation may seem remote.

Unlike our contemporaries who most